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From: Nick Wright
Sent: 05 June 2000
To: MG MMM List; Pre-War Cars List
Subject: body frame wood preservation

A spot of wisdom please!

My MG PA has a lot of the structural wordwork exposed to the elements, especially around and about the back axle. The wood is original and in remarkable condition. In an attempt to keep it that way I applied waxoyl to all this exposed wood, but now I am not sure that I have done the right thing. Would it have been better to leave the wood bare and let it breathe? Or will the waxoyl not impede this? Can the waxoyl actually damage the wood? What is the best way to look after wood like this??

Thanks for your thoughts

Nick Wright

From: Alastair Kinross
Sent: 05 June 2000
To: british-cars-pre-war
cc: Nick Wright
Subject: Re: body frame wood preservation

Hello Nick

On my Morris Minor I rubbed down the woodwork and soaked it in Cuprinol clear wood preservative. I then applied Danish oil (a sort of teak oil) instead of Varnish as this lets the wood bend and stretch - unlike varnish and doesn't crack off. I reapply the Danish oil every autumn - seems to survive the rain quite well.

Some people paint hidden woodwork underneath a car with aluminium paint.

Hope this helps.
Alastair Kinross

From: Dave Wilcox
Sent: 05 June 2000
To: Nick Wright
cc: British-cars-prewar
Subject: Re: body frame wood preservation

In his book 'How to restore Wooden Body Framing' Alan Alderwick recommends Waxoyl for the protection of metal parts and comments that "it will do the timber no harm whatsoever".

The author worked on timber frames at the Morgan Motor Co. He also advocates different methods for wood preservation. e.g. For a painted finish start with Dulux Aluminium Wood Primer. The book is published by 'Osprey Publishing Ltd.'

Hope this helps
Dave Wilcox

From: John Hardy
Sent: 07 June 2000
To: Nick Wright
cc: british-cars-pre-war
Subject: Re: body frame wood preservation

I always use Rustin's black primer. Excellent stuff.


From: Jack Hardy
Sent: 07 June 2000
To: MG MMM List; Pre-War Cars List; Nick Wright
Subject: RE: body frame wood preservation


My PA had most of it's wood frame painted black. I used polyurethane varnish on the pieces I replaced. Polyurethane has held up well for 30 years on my hardwood floors! I also read a book on frame making that suggested varnish or black paint, black being for concours. I don't know if you can paint over Waxoyl.

Jack Hardy

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