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The Question:

I looked at a project that had some of the wooden body frame support redone, looked like in oak to me. This wood was still raw, any recommendations as to a preservative to use on it?

Answer 1

The Thompson's Sealer works well I used it on my deck. But an old time wood worker once told me a good way to revive old wood and help it be stronger. This is new wood but I think the idea applies.

He would mix 50:50 denatured alcohol and shellac. Then brush it on the wood liberally and let it soak in. The alcohol acts as a carrier for the shellac and will evaporate, leaving the shellac in the wood and not just on the surface. I tried it on an 1930 Rolls Royce wood frame and it helped strengthen the wood.

Which Received the following follow up

This is the basis of what is referred to as "French polish". I used this process in the solid walnut dash I made for my Bugeye in the early seventies. and it is still in perfect shape today. To further protect finished surfaces, a carnuba paste wax on the surface will keep a nice finish as well as the extra protection. The interesting thing is that you can get a satin or a glossy finish depending on how much "heat" you can generate while buffing it in. On a lath, you can get a beautiful sheen from this process, but the nice thing is that you still keep the sensation of the wood instead of a coated wood finish.

Answer 2

From: Dee Davis The best wood preservative-restorative I've found is the one used by boat works, alcohol-dispesed epoxy resin. It turns dry rot into frp. It's available at less than boat shop cost from Smith & Co., Richmond, CA.

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