Hints and Tips - Steering Wheel Restoration

Tip 1
I had a similar problem with my Morris steering wheel, and solved it by sliding some Araldite under the loose bits with a slip of card. Then I touched up the adhesive with black enamel. Four years on, the wheel has shed no more loose bits and is still as good as when repaired.

Tip 2
I would suggest that you get a copy of Steering Wheel Restoration Handbook , from antique to milestone, by Jack Turpin, 1981/1994. c/o Jack Turpin 34 Mountain Meadows Road, Cleveland, Georgia 30528. OR, better yet Join the VINTAGE MG CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA( I think is still $26.00 per year)

Tip 3
There is a firm called Wheelwrights, who can be contacted at wheelrights@classicmotor.demon.co.uk. They are something to do with Lancaster Vintage and Classic Spares, so probably could also be contacted on +44 1524 423453, Fax +44 1524 831953

I saw examples of their work at the national restoration show. At 100 gbp, it might seem expensive, but the finish was superb. I speak as someone who had a wheel recovered on the cheap at about 50 quid and will probably have it done again, thus ending up spending 150 in total! Bargain.

Tip 4
Eastwoods of Bristol used to do a book and a resin for restoration.

Which was followed by...

Eastwoods now only do the epoxy resin and not the book. I have ordered a resin pack for 9 which is apparently not enough for a whole steering wheel. Apparently Eastwoods stopped trading 3 years ago but the guy who worked there before is still running a similar exercise in Kingswood, Bristol. When you ring the Eastwood number which was in Yate- you get the correct Bristol number which I dont have on me here at work. I shall try to remember to send it to this group. They still supply much the same thing except for some of the bigger tools. The Eastwood person who rang me last night sounded very helpful.

Which was followed by...

Eastwoods new phone number is 0117- 9352429- I think their name is slightly different now. They specialise in restoration tools and kits so their catalogue (my 1995 one- havent yet received the new one) is full of stuff like specialist welding items, paints and pinstripes, sandblasting, buffing, body work, electrical, engine, brake, interiors what I am buying is PC.7 two part epoxy steering wheel restoration kit

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