Hints and Tips - Springs

Maggie Shapland Wrote:

> I cleaned the Peugeot springs last night and painted them- is it best
> to put graphite grease or ordinary heavy duty grease between the
> leaves? The eye is very oval- I guess its best to get some bronze
> bushes and new pins- but what sort of clearance should I allow?

Cart springs probably work best with PTFE strips between the leaves, however you may think this is a bit out of character for an old vehicle. Alternatively I would use the thickest grease you could lay your hands on, probably something from the railway industry would be good, I don't think graphite would make much difference, but would do no harm. Wrapping seems a good idea, keeps grease in and weather out. I believe some people discourage getting your springs to work to well as this gives the dampers to much to cope with, if you intend belting round driving tests you may find efficient cart springs a distinct disadvantage!

Clearance between bush and pin should be a close running fit, around 0.02mm.

David Whittle

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