Hints and Tips - Morgan Trike Brakes

From: Marquis, Gary
Sent: 20 August 1999
To: morgans
cc: british-cars-pre-war
Subject: Morgan trike


I am going to Merry Olde in September and intend to attend the Bealieu Autojumble. I need some parts for my 35 Morgan SS MX4 trike. I have noticed that some of the trikes raced in the US have hydraulic brakes.

Can anyone tell me what components are used?

I have also seen "bullet" type taillights, what are they off of? The same with front tube shocks. Thanks for any help. Hope to see some of you there.

Chico California USA

From: Dr G W Owen
Sent: 23 August 1999
To: Marquis, Gary
cc: 'morgans'; 'british-cars-pre-war'
Subject: Re: Morgan trike

Hydraulic front brakes are off a Morris 8. BUT you will need to brace the front cross head if you fit them or you will bend the chassis

Tail lights are I think Triumph Mayflower I think!!!!!!!!!!!!

Front telescopic shocks? Well, I do remember someone using the dampers from inside a washing machine as being the smallest damper they could find

Enjoy Beaulieu


Dr Geraint Owen
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bath

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