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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998
To: British-Cars-Pre-War
Subject: Lucas headlights used on M.G.

Dear PreWarriors, I'm enclosing the FAQ below for benefit of new listers and in hopes of corrections or new information. Some one want to start one for the horns and fog lights? BTW, I have two L150 buckets surplus to need (repairs required) and a pair of M 150's(reasonable condition) also a pair of L166 buckets, Cheers, Terry

Subj: Lucas part numbers for MG models

One of the more persistant questions is: What headlamp is correct for my car. Lets make a FAQ. I know some of them, help me fill in the blanks:

MRotax K701-7inch or Lucas R47B
DRotax K624 or K624/2-8inch=D,F,J and Early L.
or Lucas L140-8 inch [Flat lens]
J **"
L early"
L lateL150 9 inch U flute lens
KLucas L140-8 inch ?
KNLBD 150 'U' flute lens-9 inch
NAL.B.D. 150 'U' flute lens-9 inch
PAL.B.D. 140Lucas L140 'U' Flute lens-8 inch
SAL.B.D. 166S
VAL.B.D. 150S
TCLBD 140 'U' flute 8 inch lens TC to '47, and TB. LBD or MBD140-8 inch Catseye=TC * Lucas S700 7 inch TC {exu} and TD

*TCs Forever is the scource for the change in lens from the 'U' to the Catseye at car TC/1850 the Catseye had the small vertical Lucas in the middle of the lens and post production replacement lenses had a larger Lucas in a central Dot.}

**J type Q&A: 1. Where the Lucas L140 lamps plated or painted or both? **Bucket was painted body color, Rim chrome plated. The side lamp was the same. 2. Were Lucas lamps used along with the Rotax lamps all through the J production run? If not when did it start? **Early cars had Rotax, changed to Lucas for later cars but the parts list doesn't give a date for the change over! [ frustrating? ]

3. Did the J ever use the dipping reflector set-up? Wiring diagrams never show it.
**The near side lamp had a 'dipper', the off side did not, that lamp went 'out' for low beam activated by an interlock that was part of the 'dipper' mechanism. The actual arrangement can be seen on wiring diagrams for the TA.

4. DID the Lucas lamp use a flat lens or was it fluted?
**Flat, sandblasted on one side.[for want of a better discription]

5. With all the Rotax equipment that was specified, why the Lucas 1130 wing lamps? Didn't Rotax have an equivalent for this?
**Both companies supplied Torpedo sidelamps which were painted body color, later cars were fitted with the Lucas 1130 lamps, don't know when the change was made. [ After Rotax went defunct! when? ]

6. What is the current thinking on the wing lamps..painted or plated or mixed.
**See above, always painted body color, these can be converted easily for turn flashers & side lamp operation by fitting new bulb holders.

7. What is the Lucas type number for the Brown Divers helmet dash lamps on the N and P type dash? It is a D43

Lucas lamps and parts sources:

Terry Winters (0121-777-3386 )-----He does 6.5 and 7.5 "U" lenses.
Holden's on 01885-488-000. Holdens do some lenses including P100s.
DCM & Co Lamps : 0114-272-2435 / 275-0479 / 0850-704-616
Finesse : 01305-854-286, 0973-886-937. finesse@fine-art.demon.co.uk
Duke Brothers : 01777-705-130 Fax 01777-705-130, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Tnx to Scotty in Oz and David in UK for help on the above....

From: Dale Will
Subject: RE: Lucas headlights used on M.G.
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998

Hey Terry, how about doing a cross over list showing interchangability among makes on these things?

Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998
To: Dale Will
Subject: Re: Lucas headlights used on M.G.

No problem, all I need is the data....what lights on your Gloria?


From: Dale Will
Subject: RE: Lucas headlights used on (*&(*&(*&
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998

I knew you'd say that. L165s I think. 9" biflex to be sure. They seem to pop up on everything from AC - Triumph. Somewhere in the UK there must be an Lucas archive which shows what they supplied to the various manufacturers...

Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998
To: Dale Will
From: Mike Rambour
Subject: RE: Lucas headlights used on M.G.

Will, Dale wrote:
>Hey Terry, how about doing a cross over list showing interchangability among
>makes on these things? Dale

Yes. yes...My Singer Le Mans has MG TD headlights, I need to buy a set and don't know what to buy. Otherwise I will go down the road in a few years with MG TD lights and those just don't look right.


From: Dale Will
To: Mike Rambour, TA TERRY
Subject: RE: Lucas headlights used on M.G.
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998

From the Singer photo's I've seen, I think you have similar 9" Lucas Biflex to what the Gloria has. I can probably get you a set through the Pre1940 Triumph Club in the UK if you are interested. The "look" on these is VERY sensitive- I have seen Glorias with huge lights from a RR or SS 100 and they look dumb, ditto if the light is to small. Butch Bucarelli (sp?) who races a 34 Woseley Hornet out of San Diego also has 9" biflex and told me they were the most expensive part on the whole car... Dale

Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998
To: Dale Will, Mike Rambour
Subject: Re: Lucas headlights used on M.G.

I have an old Lucas catalog here and I'll see if I can add some other marques to the list....the "Biplex" that Dale is talking about is an accessory that was put on to help difuse the light....not part of the assembly as original (as far as I know). I have them on my TA and on the SA they have a neat MG emblem. Both made by Lucas.

I also have some old buckets here that mounted on a diagonal wing brace. I cannot use these. Anyone in need? Must have been for an old Morris saloon or some such.


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