Hints and Tips - Lagonda Water Pump

From: David Cochrane
Sent: 17 August 1999
To: Patrick Rooney
cc: british-cars-pre-war
Subject: Re: 2 litre Lagonda


Thanks for the mail - nice to hear from you again. Yes of course I remember you, and coincidentally I was speaking to Graham and sending him a mail while down-loading yours. I am trying to get him to sign up to the Mailing List.

> I remember you telling me recently in Broughton Astley, that you you
> are a long time owner of a 2 litre Lagonda.

Guilty as charged.

> I borrowed a 1928 2 litre this year to go to Le Mans ...

As one does

> ... and the water pump wore through during the journey. Having
> taken it to pieces, the rotor had moved across and worn through
> the casing. I suspected that this might be a Lagonda Achilles
> heel as the Spares section stock water pump castings. However, the
> new one I have from the section is different to the original and
> before I start a lot of machining and altering, I thought I would
> ask you for some advice (if that's ok).

Yes of course, although my grandmother replaced the one on my car years ago with a bronze casting, and I have never been inside it. So I am not a very good person to ask. I will contact a friend who lives fairly close to you who will probably be far more use than me. (JH - would Ivan be able to help? I don't know where he lives)

> 1 Is there more than one type of water pump casting? The
> original inlet faced downwards and was connected to the bottom
> of the rad thru a copper pipe. The copper pipe was connect to
> the pump thru a hose. The new pump has an outlet that faces
> almost directly towards the bonnet side and it has a flange
> connection.

Mine also has a flange connection, but I know that it faces in a different direction from the original. it is quite possible that there is more than one version as no two 2-litre Lagondas are identical (they seem to have been built that way).

> 2 Is there any thrust retainer to stop the rotor rubbing on the
> casting? I had thought of replacing the heated manifold take off
> with a brass threaded rod with a nylon insert to bear against the
> end of the rotor. Any ideas or information would be most welcome.

I am sure there is some sort of thrust retainer. I have seen various articles over the years about water pumps, so there is a lot of knowledge out there about these things. Try Peter Whenman at www.vintagecoachworks.co.uk who fettles Lagondas professionally.

I'll contact you again later direct.


David C

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