Hints and Tips - Indicator Wiring

From: Bishop Peter
Sent: 10 September 1999
To: David Cochrane
cc: british-cars-pre-war
Subject: Indicator wiring

I had the pleasure to meet a fellow lister David Cochrane yesterday. He was in the area on business and dropped by to have a look at my Chummy project. Whist we were talking about wiring I showed him an indicator switch I had bought that included all the necessary switching to use stop lights as indicators, replacing the relay scheme previously described by him on the list. I bought it from Holden. David had not heard of them so I thought I would mail this to the list for everyone's benefit. This is not an advert but they did give me a good service! I ordered via the web http://www.holden.co.uk/ but they do have a much larger range of products in their published catalogue. The switch in question is item 020.069 and could easily be used to add an indicator capability to a vintage car without the need to add extra lamps.

Pete Bishop
Swindon UK

From: David Laver
Sent: 10 September 1999
To: Peter Bishop
Subject: Re: Indicator wiring


VERY interesting... Was it expensive? What does it look like in the car? Part number? I need one for my Austin 7. I could have used one on my Lancia Aurelia which has extra lights where the original had a complex relay box to flash the brake lights.


From: Peter Bishop
Sent: 10 September 1999
To: David Laver
Subject: RE: Indicator wiring

It was about 14 pound sterling. It comes in a chrome finish which I have painted black. When fitted behind the hand controls plate on the steering column it is not really that visible. It also includes a small green warning lamp at the end of the stalk similar to that on post war Morris Minors. You do need a separate flasher unit though ( they sell those too)


From: Jim & Ann Brown
Sent: 11 September 1999
To: British pre-war list; British Car List
Subject: Holden Vintage and Classic Ltd

Gentle listers,

I want to take the liberty of vouching for Pete's comments to our listers in the 'States who may not be familiar with this treasure trove. Holden's catalogue belongs in the ready position in the shops of all vintage car owners. The range of goodies available is absolutely unbelievable to many on this side of the pond. We just do not have a counterpart over here. Their prices are reasonable and delivery is remarkably prompt.


Jim Brown

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