Hints and Tips

The information below comes from email conversations on the Pre-war mailing list at www.autox.team.net. The original authors retain the rights to this material.


MMM Brakes
Brake Relining
Austin Seven Brakes
More on Austin Seven Brakes
Even More on Austin Seven Brakes
Grabbing Brakes
More on Grabbing Brakes
A7 Gordon England Handbrake
Bonding Brake Linings
Brake Lining Materials and Performance


Austin Seven Tuning
General Carb Tuning
SU Carb Tuning
SU Needle Profiles
Stale Fuel
Vapour Locks
Carburettor Problems


Dry Sump Problems
Steering Box Lubrication
Leaking Lagonda


Tracking/Toe In
Sagging Springs
Helper Springs
Shock Absorber Fluid


Austin Seven Blocks
Fixing a Bent Hardened Shaft
Silicone Gaskets
Powder Coating and Distortion
Austin Seven Hubs
Engine Balancing
Exhaust Studs
Thread Repair
Catch Tanks
SU Fuel Pump Safety Warning
Questionable Fuel Catalysts
Overheating Problems
Piston Ring Breakage
Crownwheel and pinion adjustment
Rolls Royce Head Torque
Morgan Hydraulic Brakes
Lagonda Water Pump
Pre-selector Gearboxes
MG Clutches
Copper Head Gaskets
Cozette & Jameson Blowers
Alvis Head and Rocker Gear Problems
Water Pump for a Blown Austin
Annealing Copper Headgaskets
Removing Broken Bolts
Alloy Heads and Impact on Performance
Austin 7 Tuning
Identifying JAP Engines


Coil polarity
Lucas Flashers
Trafficator Overhaul
MG Headlamp Models
Starter Problems
Indicator Wiring
Ignition Wiring
6V-12V Conversions and Charging
6V Horn on 12V

6 Volt Electrical Systems
MG Wiring Harnesses
Ignition Timing
Dynamo - Conversion to regulator
Headlamp nuts
Battery Charging
Magneto Issues
Magneto Plug Gaps
HT Lead Suppressors


Steering Wheel Restoration
Rev Counter Restoration
Cord Binding a Steering Wheel

Vacuum Windscreen Wiper Washers
Instrument Glass Replacement

Coach Building

Wood Preservation
More Wood Preservation
Removing Screws from Wood
Brush Painting
A7 Bonnet Fit
A7 Body Position on Chassis
Fixing a Bonnet Hinge
Leaking Petrol Tank

Wood Adhesives
Paint Removers
MG Paint Colours
Wonderful Aluminium Polish
A7 Rebuild pictures
Powder Coating
Exhaust Paint (and more)
Fabric Bodies


Len Brockas
Masking Tape Tip
The Austin Seven Song
Running Boards/Petrol Cans
A7 Chassis Numbers
Lagonda Chat
Le Jog
Hamish Moffat
Front Wheel Drive History

In defence of the Austin!
Motorcycle Tyres on Vintage Cars
Hobson Telegage Restoration
The Lester PB
MG Paint Colours
Austin 7 Suppliers
Triangle Special
Wiscombe, Prescott and Mercury Chapmans
Skinner Specials
Going Racing


The Tool Guide
Haynes Manual

Vintage Owners
Justifying the Purchase

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