Hints and Tips - Lucas Flasher Units

On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, John Hardy wrote:

> When installing flashers how is the unit itself connected? The 3
> terminals are labelled P B and L.

P = Pilot Lamp (the indicator lamp)
B = Battery (any power source)
L = Lamps (the tail lamps and wing lamps)

Connecting P and B are pretty straightforward. Where L is connected will depend on your layout. If it's a simple circuit without a relay (i.e. when the brake light filaments don't do double duty as directionals), L should be connected to the switch. If the circuit includes a relay (i.e. when the brake lamps are used as directionals), L should probably be connected to the relay.

You'll sometimes see older Lucas flashers with "X" instead of "B", and American flashers with no markings at all.

Chip Old
Cub Hill, Maryland

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