Hints and Tips - Exhaust Studs

Hugh Barnes wrote:

I hate messing about with ex manifold studs. You invariably snap them off. There, thats cheered you up hasn't it :-)

On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, David Laver wrote:


At the moment the studs are short with the leading threads a little beveled from forcing the manifolds on, using dirty nuts, misthreading. With these manifolds I tighten the end ones but as the middle ones are a b*****d to wiggle on then have to be turned with the spanner used like a screw driver a flat at a time. I put little tubes on to space the nuts out to the end of the studs but its still a pain and to do the first time and of course they aren't tight enough so need to be checked all the time and as I can't be sure I'd be able to remove them again daren't use locktight.

The plan is to put much longer studs, with much longer tubes, and lock nuts. At least I now have the right taps should one of the old ones shear. Now I'm worried if nylocks will stand the heat. Who cares - I'll now have space to sort out any mess.


Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998
From: Dr G W Owen
To: David Laver
Subject: Re: Setting an SU



Why bother with long studs? Can you not braze/weld tubes onto the existing nuts, and put a nut on the outer end too. Then you can turn the nut/tube/nut things with a spanner, and if you strip a thread... Hey presto, just turn them around!!!!!!!!!!!


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