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From: Ian Russell
Sent: 14 June 1999
To: Rileyists
Subject: battery Charging...

Daft question really, but I don't know the answer. I've just acquired a gamecock with two 6V batteries in series. Tried charging using an ordinary 12V/3amp charger across the whole set up, but the charger keeps cutting out - although it's only showing c. 2.5 amps when charging. So how do I charge up low batteries? Help?

Ian Russell

From: Don Vosper
Sent: 15 June 1999
To: Ian Russell
Subject: Re: battery Charging...


Try borrowing a bigger charger 10A or a 6 V and charge them separately. Its possible that you need to buy one or two new batteries. I had to eventually convert my Lynx to a single 12V as I couldn't get the right size in 6V.

Don Vosper
Bristol UK

From: A J Teeder
Sent: 16 June 1999
To: riley
Subject: Re: battery Charging...

The 2 6 volt batteries in series are exactly the same as one 12 volt.

If the charger keeps cutting out, then at least one cell between them is in a very low state of charge, and your "ordinary" battery charger may well object.

You could try trickle charging for several days at a low current setting with a charger that has variable charge rate. This has been known to rejuvenate old batteries that have been neglected in the past.

Perhaps you need to replace or maintain one or both batteries. They can (space permitting) be replaced by one 12v unit. Fit the biggest that you can find space for and afford.

I believe (i.e. I'm not entirely sure) that a pair of 6v units from MGB's may be suitable.

A J Teeder
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From: Ian Russell
Sent: 17 June 1999
To: Rileyists
Subject: Battery charging - thanks

Thanks to all who offered info.The problem has been resolved and charging is underway.

Ian Russell

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