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From: David Cochrane
To: Geoff Togni
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997
Subject: Austin Seven Spare Parts


On Sun 14th Sept you wrote:
> Could you please send me some information on the parts catalogue for Austin
> 7 cars.My brother in law has a 1928 Chummy older restoration.Am interested
> in the cost of a catalogue and availability of parts from England.

I am not sure what you mean by the term "parts catalogue". The Austin Motor Company produced Spare Parts Lists for all models of the Austin Seven through the years, and they are useful guides to what should be on your car. Replica copies are available from Doug & Sue Woodrow at:

The Vintage Motorshop,
749 Bradford Road,
W Yorkshire,
WF17 8HZ,

Tel: 01924 470773.
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There are two main suppliers of new (replica) Austin Seven parts. I recommend getting catalogues from both of them.

The first is Austin Seven Services run by Chris Dalby. This firm has been around for a long time, at least since the 1950s.

Austin Seven Services,
Kirby Wiske,
YO7 4HL,

Tel: 01845 587201.

The next is Dave Phillips and Ian Dunford at:

The Seven Workshop,
Elms Cross Yard,
Frome Road,
Bradford on Avon,
BA15 2EA,

Tel: 01225 868696
Fax: 01225 868828.

John Barlow carries quite a good stock of new parts and has a catalogue. It is best to ring him in the evening.

7 Larch Crescent,
NG9 4DL,

Tel: 0115 922 4926.

For 'old' parts Tony Leslie (Holmesdale Sevens) is very good - everything is described honestly and correctly priced, parts arrive blasted clean ready to fit. He also carries a fair stock of 'new' parts which he will combine with his second hand stock into kits for particular jobs and assemblies to save you working out how many washers and what length bolts. His parts are fairly expensive, but good quality. Tel: 01323 833603.

'Old' parts are sometimes available from The Austineers, next door to the Seven Workshop, on 01225 866142. However, they are not really parts suppliers. They are a very good (probably the best) company for restoring and repairing Austin Sevens, and will tackle any job from relining brakes to a complete rebuild. They have some second-hand parts which they can use on cars they are working on.

There are quite a lot of other suppliers selling new or used parts, for instance :

Dave Dye, replica bits for early (magneto-engined) cars, eg starting handle dogs. 01283 217809.

Willie McKenzie, bearings, tools, windscreens, side-screens, etc. Expensive. 01202 694351.

Ken Medlicott, second-hand parts. 01963 440604.
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John Newman, Phoenix Crankshafts. 01753 821303.

Alan Raeburn, mainly replica bits for sports/specials, eg manifolds. 01342 850422.

Keith Roach, chassis bits, eg chassis extensions. 01703 814287.

Geoff Roe, rubber mouldings. 0115 989 4091.

Vintage Radiators. 01327 857726.
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Some of the British A7 clubs run a spares scheme for their members. The Austin Seven Clubs Association (A7CA) doesn't, but it does have a Co-ordinator (Bernard Griffiths) who helps publicise any individual projects that members are doing, or tell you if someone is doing or has done a batch of some part that you need. For instance, he helped quite a lot when I was organising a batch of 1 5/16" splash-fed cranks a few years ago.

The 750 Motor Club publishes a 'bible' of reprints from the club magasine with details on history, makeup, servicing, weak points, tuning and safety modifications, parts inter-changability and humour. Its a green spiral bound softback and you really need a clean copy for the bedside table and a dirty copy for the workshop. Contact their General Secretary, Mike Peck on 01959 575812 or at Courthouse, St Winifreds Road, Biggin Hill, Kent, TN16 3HR, England.

Of course to telephone any of the above use the UK dialling code 44 and remove the leading 0, eg +44 1959 575812.

Good luck,
David Cochrane (1925 Chummy).

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