VSCC Exmoor 2008

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Scrutineering at Exebridge
Scrutineering at Exebridge
Peter Warne and MG PA waiting to be scrutineered
Roderick Hague - Ford Model A
Patrick Blakeney-Edwards - Vauxhall 30-98
Katherine Everett - Austin 7
Amanda Reynolds & Lea-Francis on Molland Mann
David Uglow & HRG 1.5 on Hunstone 1
Trevor Turpin and Austin 7 on Hunstone 1
Trevor Knight in the Ford Model A on Quarry Bend
Richard Houlgate concentraing on the 25 marker at Quarry Bend
Jonathan Miller in the Chrysler 66 on Quarry Bend
Peter Warne attacking the final climb on Quarry Bend on the MG PA
Wavell Urry on the line in the Riley at Quarry Bend
A glorious day!
Wavell Urry again on Millbrook
Tim Matthews in his A7 on Millbrook
Graham Goode in the Morris Minor on Lyncombe 2
Ian Patton on Lyncombe 2
Tim Matthews on Lyncombe 2
Briam Emerson in his Ford Model A Special on Lyncombe 2
Dennis Bingham on Broford in his Model A Ford
Jane Tomlinson in the GN/Austin on Broford


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