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About Us

Vintage Knowledge is a site set up by pre-war car enthusiasts for other enthusiasts who enjoy using their pre-war cars. The purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange and dissemination of information to further our hobby.

The Vintage Knowledge site is owned and operated by Guy Weatherall. Please contact via email Comment, suggestions and contributions for the development of Vintage Knowledge are always welcome.

The following set out some of the principles behind various areas of the Vintage Knowledge site.


All material on the site is copyright and may not be used without permission of the copyright holders. The material in the Hints and Tips section of the site comes from the pre-war cars mailing list at and the original authors retain the rights to this material.

If you would like to use pictures or material from Vintage Knowledge please contact us.


Information on suppliers listed on Vintage Knowledge comes from published sources, recommendations and from suppliers requesting a listing. Listing on the Vintage Knowledge site or any recommendations in the hints and tips section do not constitute any form of endorsement by the owners of the Vintage Knowledge site. If you are going to do business with any of the listed suppliers please use sensible precautions, particularly if trading with companies not located in your country.

Listing, categorisation or removal of a supplier entry is solely at the discretion of the owners of Vintage Knowledge. Currently listings are free but the owners of the site reserve the rights to charge for the service at some later date. Such charges will not be levied without prior notice and will not be retrospective.

Requests for listings will normally be responded to within 5 days.

For Sale/Wanted

For Sale/Wanted items should be relevant to the spirit of the Vintage Knowledge site and should be sent to The decision to include this items in the list or not rests with the owners of Vintage Knowledge. Requests for adverts will usually be actioned within 5 days. Adverts will be listed for a minimum of 1 month or removed earlier at the advertisers request. Whilst reasonable care is taken transferring information to the site it is the responsibility of the requestor to check the site to ensure that the details of the listing are correct.

The owners of Vintage Knowledge take no responsibility for any sales or purchase transaction that takes place as a result of a advert on the for sale/wanted section of Vintage Knowledge web site. Purchasers and vendors should take all reasonable precautions to ensure the identity and bona fides of the parties they are dealing with.

Hints and Tips

The material in the hints and tips section of the site come from email conversations on the pre-war cars and riley cars mailing lists at . Users of Vintage Knowledge use this information at their own risk, the owners of the Vintage Knowledge web site take no responsibility for any loss or damage arising.

For any items that are listed, all email addresses are stripped out limiting the opportunity for spammers or virus programs to pick up contributors addresses. Times that emails are sent are also removed in case you are sending messages in working hours.

If any of the original contributors wish any of their contributions to be removed then please email the request to

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